C Purlin roll forming machine


C Purlin roll forming machine, as known as Hat Shape Roll Forming Machine, Main Channel Roll Forming Machine, Omega Furring Channel Roll Forming Machine, Wall angle Roll Forming Machine, Ceiling Roll Forming Machine Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine etc. can produce studs, tracks and many other shapes derived form Shape C.

The thickness is normally can be formed at 0.25-1.2mm. If you need to more efficiency then we recommend you adpot the Flying shear with No-stop system. The Max. whole line speed can be reach at 40m/min. If you want to produce more than one profile in one machine, we recomend you the double rows forming machine and triple rows forming machine to save space and economy.

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C Purlin roll forming machine Technical Parameter

Items Specifications
Material of coil Material Thickness
0.85-1.6mm G550 Galvanized coils
Punching device Hydraulic punching device 1 set
Forming system
Rolling Speed
10 m/min with driven chain
Roller Stations
About 15 stations forming
Roller Material
Gcr15 Steel with quenching
Shaft Material
45# Steel Diameter 75mm shaft
Main Motor Power 7.5 kw
Material Of Cutting
CR12 with quench treatment
Hardness HRC58-62
Tolerance ±1.5mm
Cutting blade
2 sets of cutting blade
Electrical control system
Electric Source
380V, 50HZ,3 phase, according to buyer’s request
Control System
PLC with touch screen
Weight About 5 tons
Way Of Drive
1 inch single chain
Size of machine
Length 7500mm* Width 800mm* Height 1000m


C Purlin roll forming machine List

3 tons hydraulic de-coiler 1 set
Main roll forming machine with logo 1 set
PLC Control box 1 unit
Hydraulic cutting device 1 unit
Hydraulic punching device 1 unit
6 meters Simple auto stacker 1 unit

C Purlin roll forming machine Technological process

Decoiler—feeding withguide—Hydraulic punching—Roll forming—Cutting—Products collectingMetalcon Automatically Width Adjustable 40-200mm Stud Track Drywall Roll Forming Machine

C Purlin roll forming machine Profile Drawing

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type of purlin stud track machine

There are several types of roll forming machines used for manufacturing purlins, studs, and tracks in the construction industry. Here are some common types:

  1. C Purlin Roll Forming Machine: This machine is specifically designed to produce C-shaped purlins. C purlins are widely used as structural components in roofs and walls, providing support and stability to the building structure.
  2. Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine: Similar to the C purlin machine, the Z purlin roll forming machine is used to produce Z-shaped purlins. Z purlins have a unique shape that provides better load-bearing capacity and is commonly used in large-span roofing structures.
  3. U Channel Roll Forming Machine: U channel roll forming machines are used to manufacture U-shaped studs or tracks. U channels are often used as vertical studs or horizontal tracks in framing systems for walls, partitions, and suspended ceilings.
  4. Hat Channel Roll Forming Machine: Hat channels, also known as furring channels or resilient channels, are used to create a gap between the wall surface and the finished wall. A hat channel roll forming machine produces these channels with a distinctive shape, which helps improve sound insulation and vibration damping properties.
  5. Omega Profile Roll Forming Machine: Omega profiles, also called furring channel profiles, are commonly used as horizontal tracks in drywall partition systems. The omega profile roll forming machine is designed to create these profiles efficiently and accurately.

These are just a few examples of the roll forming machines used for manufacturing purlins, studs, and tracks. Each machine is specifically designed to produce a particular profile shape, ensuring precise dimensions and consistent quality of the finished products.

top 5 c purlin roll forming machine factories/suppliers

  1. Sussman Machinery(Wuxi)Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing shape steel cold roll forming machines about 20 years, exporting slitting line and whole group international trade business. We export to more than 100 countries, and our customers are around the world, especially Australia, South America, Europe, India, Middle East, Northern Europe and North Africa. Furthermore, we wish to build the best machine for customers, our core values are “Quality, Efficiency, Credibility & Integrity”, which can firmly and solidly support us to go far.
  2. Liming Stamping Forming Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd.: Liming Stamping is a trusted manufacturer with expertise in roll forming machines. They have a dedicated line of C purlin roll forming machines that are known for their efficiency and reliability.
  3. Xiamen Bogong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: Bogong Machinery is a professional roll forming machine manufacturer, and they produce C purlin roll forming machines among their product range. They are recognized for their quality products and excellent customer service.
  4. Haixing Industrial Group Co., Ltd.: Haixing Industrial Group is a renowned manufacturer of roll forming machines, including C purlin roll forming machines. They have been in the industry for many years and have gained a strong reputation for their technological expertise and product quality.
  5. Botou Golden Integrity Roll Forming Machine Co., Ltd.: Golden Integrity is a reliable manufacturer of roll forming machines, and they offer C purlin roll forming machines as part of their product lineup. They have a wide customer base and have been supplying their machines to both domestic and international markets.

The 5 factors can most affect c purlin roll forming machine price

  1. Machine Specifications and Complexity: The specifications of the machine, including the type, size, and complexity of the purlin profiles it can produce, can have a direct impact on the price. Machines capable of handling a wider range of purlin sizes and profiles or those with advanced features and automation tend to be priced higher due to the increased engineering and manufacturing requirements.
  2. Material Type and Thickness: The type and thickness of the materials that the machine can process play a significant role in determining the price. Machines designed to handle thicker or high-strength materials require stronger structures, specialized tooling, and more robust components, which can increase the overall cost of the machine.
  3. Production Capacity and Speed: The production capacity and speed of the machine, measured in terms of the number of purlins produced per unit of time, can impact the price. Machines with higher production capacities often require additional mechanisms, advanced control systems, and increased power, resulting in a higher price.
  4. Customization and Additional Features: Customization options and additional features can also affect the price of a purlin roll forming machine. If the machine needs to be customized to meet specific requirements, such as unique purlin profiles or production needs, or if additional features like punching, notching, or embossing capabilities are included, the price may be higher due to the added engineering and manufacturing complexities.
  5. Quality and Brand Reputation: The quality of the machine’s components, construction, and overall reliability, as well as the reputation of the manufacturer or brand, can influence the price.

What is the relationship between purlin roll forming machine and purlin study track machine?

The relationship between a purlin roll forming machine and a purlin stud track machine lies in the types of products they produce and their application in construction.

  1. Purlin Roll Forming Machine: A purlin roll forming machine is designed to produce purlins. Purlins are structural elements used in building construction to provide horizontal support and stability to roofs or walls. These machines are specifically designed to form metal sheets or strips into various purlin profiles, such as C-shaped or Z-shaped purlins. The roll forming process involves feeding the metal strip into the machine, passing it through a series of rollers, and shaping it into the desired purlin profile.
  2. Purlin Stud Track Machine: On the other hand, a purlin stud track machine is used to produce metal studs and tracks for framing systems. Metal studs and tracks are essential components in constructing non-load bearing partition walls or interior framing systems. These machines are designed to form metal sheets into specific stud and track profiles used in framing applications. The roll forming process involves feeding the metal strip into the machine, passing it through rollers, and shaping it into the required stud or track profile.

While both machines are used in the construction industry and involve the roll forming process, they differ in terms of the specific profiles they produce and their application within a building structure. Purlin roll forming machines focus on producing purlins for roof or wall support, while purlin stud track machines specialize in manufacturing metal studs and tracks for framing non-load bearing walls or interior structures.

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Why Sussman Different

The price of Sussman’s roll forming machines is a little higher than other suppliers’. Let me explain about our machines difference:

Sussman machine design: it is unit one, which means the control box and the hydraulic station are all put under the machine frame, when you get the machine, no need to assemble and connect the complicate cable of the machine, you only need to connect one main cable, then the machine is working. It saves more time and space.

Our display screen is touch screen, not text touch screen.

Sussman Machinery

Sussman Processing technology: Sussman rollers is through grinding, quenched, chroming,finish machining,polishing,coated with chrome 0.05mm, all rollers are shiny, stronger and avoid rust.etc to make stronger, the roll forming machine is more robust and easier to use.  The metal sheet produced by our machine is always flat and perfect profiles., because in the design and during the machining process, we always control the force for the metal sheet, it does not damage the sheet surface and comes out perfect profile. And we use the German application COPRA, to imitate the situation in 3D and ensure the perfect profile.

Sussman Machinery

Sussman roll forming system

Sussman roll forming system: We will make the hand wheels at the feeding device to adjust feeding width, and we also make the wheels with the numbers then you know how to adjust right and left sides, also we made the rulers on the bedding, you can adjust the profile height and width according to the rulers.

Screw with numbers is to adjust material thickness easily, also with protecting cap also add laminating film device and felt to make the board flatter and smoother without scratches.

The machine is equipped with a detection switch device, in case of emergency, emergency alarm, stop operation.

Sussman Machinery's safety cover

The whole equipment is in accordance with the requirements of CE standards, and the entire body and transmission parts are covered to protect the safety of workers.


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