Changeable U Purlin Roll Forming Machines

Changeable U purlin roll forming machines are equipment used to continuously form U-shaped purlins from coil steel. Purlins are zinc-coated threaded steel members used in metal building systems to support roof and wall panels.

Changeable U purlin roll forming machines allow switching production between different purlin sizes and thicknesses quickly. This makes them ideal for companies needing flexibility to fulfill varying purlin orders.

Key details about changeable U purlin roll formers:

  • Used to form C and Z type purlins from galvanized coil steel
  • Changeable roll stands enable quick size changeovers
  • Purlin sizes from 2 to 12 inches possible
  • Material thickness up to 3 mm
  • Forming speeds up to 25 m/min
  • Servo motor driven for precision and efficiency
  • Touchscreen controls for easy size adjustments
  • Robust welded frame construction

Types of Changeable U Purlin Roll Forming Machines

Machine Typeविवरण
Manual ChangeoverRequires operator to manually adjust roll stands and guides
Hydraulic ChangeoverHydraulic cylinders automatically reposition roll stands
Servo ChangeoverServo motors accurately position roll stands

Manual changeover machines are the most economical option suitable for small workshops with occasional size changes.

Hydraulic changeover systems reduce labor and downtime between runs. Best for frequent changeovers.

Servo changeover offers the highest precision and fastest changeovers but with higher cost. Ideal for high-mix production.

changeable u purlin roll forming machine
Changeable U Purlin Roll Forming Machines 4

Key Characteristics of Changeable U Purlin Roll Formers

RollsHardened steel rolls form purlins gradually through a series of shaping stations
Roll StandsAdjustable stands house vertically aligned top and bottom rolls
Forming MotorsIndependent servo or geared motors drive each shaping station
PLC ControlControls forming parameters and stores recipes for each purlin size
HMI TouchscreenAllows easy selection of purlin profiles and monitoring
डेकोइलरFeeds coil stock into roll former at constant tension
Guide BoxStraightens strip and guides it through rolls
Shear/PunchCuts profiles to length and punches bolt holes
ConveyorTransfers finished purlins to exit of line

Precise roller design, robust framing, and adjustable roll stands are key to producing consistent, high quality purlins across a range of sizes from a single machine. Smart controls make size changes fast and efficient.

Typical Applications of Changeable U Purlin Roll Formers

Metal Building ConstructionPrimary use is to form purlins for metal building roof and wall systems
Structural FramingCan make steel studs and joists for interior walls, floors, ceilings
Solar Mounting SystemsFor support structures of ground and roof mounted solar panels
Material HandlingChannels, rails, and uprights for conveyors, shelving, racks
मचानTubes, frames, braces, and rails for scaffold structures

The ability to produce various purlin sizes makes changeable roll formers ideal for metal building contractors serving many customer segments. The machines can also be utilized for structural framing components and diverse industrial applications.

Design Standards for Changeable Purlin Roll Forming Machines

चौखटाHeavy welded steel frame resists vibration and deflection
RollsHardened to 55-60 HRC with ground, polished finishes
BearingsHeavy duty SKF or NTN bearings
Roll StandsAdjustable from 2 to 12 inch purlin depths
डेकोइलरRubberized grippers prevent coil marking
न्याय के लिए संघर्ष करनेवाला10 roll leveling for consistent flatness
Shear6000 kN capacity hydraulic end shear
ControlsPLC with HMI, servo drives, safety circuits
FinishesPrimed then powder coated for durability
SafetyFully enclosed guards, E-stops, light curtains
CodesDesigned to AISI, ASTM, ASME, OSHA standards

Rigid construction, precise machining, quality components, and safe engineering are utilized to produce durable and reliable changeable purlin forming lines.

Specifications of Changeable U Purlin Roll Forming Machines

Line SpeedUp to 25 m/min
Width Capacity650 – 1300 mm
मोटाई0.5 – 3 mm
Purlin Depth50 – 300 mm
Hole PunchingOptional on some models
Power Requirements25 – 60 kW
Line Length15 – 25 meters
Machine Weight8,000 – 15,000 kg

Speed, width, thickness ranges, and power requirements vary across manual, hydraulic, and servo changeover machines. Longer lines with decoiler and shear optimize production efficiency.

Suppliers and Pricing of Changeable U Purlin Roll Formers

ManufacturerStarting Price

Prices range from around $90,000 to $140,000 depending on features. Chinese manufacturers offer lower prices but US brands often have better technical support. Installation and shipping add 10-20%.

Installation and Commissioning of Changeable U Purlin Roll Formers

Site PreparationLevel concrete foundation, remove obstructions
LiftingUse proper rigging to lift sections into place
AlignmentAlign and bolt frame sections precisely
WiringConnect power and control wiring
ComponentsInstall decoiler, leveler, shear per instructions
Trial RunInch machine slowly checking alignment, settings
Production RunRamp up to full speed monitoring quality
TrainingReview operating and safety procedures

Proper installation is crucial for smooth production. Technicians supervise on-site activities and test thoroughly before release to operators.

Operation and Maintenance of Changeable U Purlin Roll Formers

Safety ChecksDaily
Coil LoadingAs needed
Size ChangeoverAs needed
Forming AdjustmentsAs needed
Bearing ReplacementAnnually
Roll RegrindingAnnually or as needed
Hydraulic ServiceAnnually
Drive AlignmentAnnually

Daily safety procedures must be followed. Operators adjust size changes and monitor quality. Regular maintenance activities sustain performance.

changeable u purlin roll forming machine
Changeable U Purlin Roll Forming Machines 5

Choosing a Changeable U Purlin Roll Forming Machine Supplier

ReputationChoose an established company with proven equipment
अनुभवLook for expertise in the purlin industry
CustomizationSupplier should customize to your needs
SupportEnsure supplier provides installation help, training, and service
CostBalance purchase price with quality and support
DeliveryConfirm supplier can deliver on schedule

Selecting the right supplier is crucial. Seek combination of domain expertise, customization, responsive support, and reasonable cost.

Advantages of Changeable U Purlin Roll Forming Machines

  • Flexibility to produce varying purlin sizes from one machine
  • Faster changeovers between sizes
  • Precision formed purlins with consistent quality
  • High productivity for mass production
  • Capability for prototypes and short runs
  • Lower capital cost versus dedicated machines
  • Efficient utilization of facility and labor
  • Scalability to increase output as needed
  • Less downtime for size changeovers
  • Smooth integration into metal building assembly lines

Key benefits include flexibility, efficiency, quality, and scalability. The machines help metal building contractors fulfill orders of any size.

Limitations of Changeable U Purlin Roll Forming Machines

  • Not as specialized as dedicated purlin machines
  • Additional maintenance needed from frequent changeovers
  • Production speeds may be slower than dedicated lines
  • Limitations on very large or very small purlin sizes
  • Initial operator training required for changeovers
  • More controls expertise needed for setup
  • Increased complexity from changeover mechanisms
  • Hydraulic or servo changeover adds cost
  • Manual changeover takes more time

The main limitations relate to the inherent tradeoffs between dedicated and changeable roll formers.

Cost Comparison of Changeable vs Dedicated Purlin Machines

Machine TypeTypical PriceलाभDisadvantages
Changeable$90,000 – $140,000Flexibility, scalability, moderate costSlower, more maintenance
Dedicated$200,000 – $300,000Maximum speed and qualityFixed to one purlin size

While dedicated purlin machines can maximize productivity and quality for a given profile, changeable machines offer greater flexibility at a lower initial capital cost.

Choosing Between Manual vs Powered Changeover Machines

Initial CostLowestModerateHighest
Changeover TimeSlowestFastFastest
MaintenanceBasicMore intensiveMost intensive

Manual changeover minimizes cost but takes more time. Powered options cost more but boost uptime. Evaluate tradeoffs based on changeover frequency and precision needed.

Common Problems with Changeable U Purlin Roll Forming Machines

Inconsistent formingCheck roll alignment and gap settings
Profile distortionAdjust forming pressures and support rolls
Roll markingIncrease roll hardness or radius
Excess vibrationTighten loose bolts; realign components
Hydraulic leaksReplace worn seals and hoses
Electrical faultsCheck wiring; replace damaged cables

Troubleshooting forming issues, vibration, leaks, electrical faults ensures optimal performance. Precision roll maintenance is also key.

changeable u purlin roll forming machine
Changeable U Purlin Roll Forming Machines 6

सामान्य प्रश्न

Q: How long does it take to changeover to a different purlin size?

A: Manual changeover can take 1-2 hours. With powered options, the process is usually less than 30 minutes.

Q: Can one machine make both C and Z purlins?

A: Yes, common changeable roll formers can produce both C and Z profiles. Quick change tooling further optimizes changeover.

Q: What thickness of material can the machines accommodate?

A: Standard changeable purlin machines handle 0.5 mm to 3 mm thickness. Extended ranges are possible for specialized applications.

Q: Can the machines add punching and shearing?

A: Many come with punching and shearing standard. These can be added as options if not included.

Q: How long is a typical purlin production line?

A: The full line with decoiler, leveler, roll former, shear is 15-25 meters long depending on features.

Q: What safety features are included?

A: Safety features will consist of e-stops, guards, interlocks, light curtains, and control reliability per norms.

Q: What is the warranty period offered?

A: Most suppliers offer a 12 month warranty. Extensions may be purchased for critical components.

Q: What is the estimated lifetime of the equipment?

A: With proper maintenance, 15-20 years of productive life can be expected from a changeable purlin roll former.

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