China CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

China CZ purlin roll forming machines are used to produce C and Z type purlins from metal coil. Purlins are structural C or Z shaped members used in metal buildings and roofing systems. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of China CZ purlin roll former equipment.

Overview of China CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

China CZ purlin roll forming machines take flat metal coil stock and form it into C and Z shaped purlins through a series of progressive roll forming stands. Key details:

  • Equipment type: CZ purlin roll former
  • Materials processed: Carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, other metals
  • Product types: C and Z purlins, gutters, panels
  • Production process: Roll forming
  • Automation: Automatic operation with PLC control
  • Capacity: Up to 16 tons/hour
  • Roll forming stands: Typically 15-25 stands
  • Forming stages: Decoiling, feeding, pre-breaking, rolling, cutting
  • Key components: Decoiler, feeder, roll stands, hydraulic system, PLC control

China manufacturers offer competitively priced CZ purlin roll forming lines with high quality components and layout customization options. Typical line layout includes decoiler, feeder, pre-breaker, main roll forming stands, hydraulic power system, and programmable logic controller.

China cz purlin roll forming machine
China CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine 4

Applications of China CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

China CZ purlin roll forming equipment is used to produce:

  • C and Z type cold formed steel purlins up to 600 mm wide
  • C and Z girts
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  • Roofing panels
  • Steel decking
  • Cladding support systems
  • Structural channels and beams
  • Special architectural profiles

Purlins, girts and panels made on these machines are used in industrial, commercial and agricultural building construction. Custom profiles are used in special architectural metal structures.

Specifications of China CZ Purlin Roll Former

Typical technical specifications of Chinese CZ purlin roll forming machines:

Production Speed10-16 m/min
Forming Stands15-25 stands
Forming Rolls110-150 mm diameter
Roll Shaft SizeΦ35-Φ45 mm
Roll MaterialGCr15, induction hardened to HRC55-58
Decoiler Capacity5-8 tons
Decoiler Mandrel ΦΦ50-Φ76 mm
Feeding GuidesUHMW polyethylene
Punching Force160-250 tons
Cutting Length6-12 m
Cutting Accuracy±1.0 mm
Power Supply380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase
Motor Power5.5-11 kW
Machine Weight15-50 tons
Working OilISOVG32 or ISOVG46

These specifications can be customized as per required purlin dimensions, production speed, and production standards followed.

Design and Engineering Standards for CZ Purlin Roll Former

China CZ purlin roll forming machines are designed as per international standards:

  • AISI S100 – North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members
  • EN 1993-1-3 – Eurocode 3 Design of Steel Structures
  • AS/NZS 4600 – Australian/New Zealand Standard – Cold-formed steel structures
  • IS 801 – Indian Standard code of practice for Cold-Formed Light Gauge Steel Structural Members
  • GB 50018 – Chinese National Standard for Technical Code of Cold-Formed Thin-wall Steel Structures

Roll tooling is designed based on profile specifications like depth, width, radii, angles, pitch, etc. Machines can produce common purlin dimensions or custom profiles.

Type of CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machines from China

Machine Typeविवरण
All ElectricPowered completely by servo motors and drives, no hydraulics
Semi-Electric, Semi-HydraulicHybrid using servos for decoiler and hydraulics for other sections
Fully HydraulicUses hydraulic power pack and cylinders/rams
Fixed SpeedSingle speed gearbox drive
Variable SpeedAC vector drive for speed control
Manual CutoffUses manual cutting torch
Automatic CutoffPLC controlled oxyfuel, plasma, laser cutting

Benefits: Electric roll formers offer accuracy, speed and flexibility. Hydraulic machines have high forming force capacity. China manufactures offer all configurations based on budgets and production needs.

China cz purlin roll forming machine
China CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine 5

Components of China CZ Purlin Roll Forming Line

Machine SectionComponents Used
DecoilingHydraulic powered decoiler with leveler, wrapper, mandrel, guides
FeedingStraightening feeds, pinch rolls, servo feeder
Pre-breakingPyramid type with top and bottom rolls
रोल बनाना3 or 5 roll forming stations with forming, sizing and finishing rolls
CutoffHydraulic shear, servo shear, oxy-fuel, plasma
HoistingRoller conveyor, power lift table, exit tables
ControlsPLC control panel, HMI touchscreen

China manufacturers use quality components from European and domestic brands to optimize performance and cost.

Suppliers and Pricing of China CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

SupplierLocationमूल्य सीमा
Foshan YSD Roll Forming Machine CoFoshan, Guangdong$30,000 – $180,000
BOTOU Xiancheng Roll Forming Machine FactoryBotou, Hebei$35,000 – $215,000
Jiangsu New Senfeng Roll Forming Machine CoDanyang, Jiangsu$25,000 – $135,000
Wuxi Core Integrated Technology CoWuxi, Jiangsu$45,000 – $250,000
Hangzhou Univent Machinery & Equipment CoHangzhou, Zhejiang$40,000 – $220,000

Price range depends on speed, capacity, automation features, and optional accessories. Get multiple quotes to compare price and machine capabilities.

Installation of CZ Purlin Roll Forming Equipment

  • Floor space required – 30-120 m2
  • Level concrete floor – flatness tolerance ±2 mm
  • Anchor bolt layout – per manufacturer drawings
  • Power supply wiring to control panel
  • Hydraulic oil tanks mounting (if hydraulic machine)
  • Decoiler mounting and coil loading
  • Entry guide and exit table positioning
  • Trial run checks – test coiling, forming and cutting

Proper leveling, anchoring, alignment and trialing improves performance and life of purlin roll forming line.

Operation and Working of CZ Purlin Roll Former

  • Load leveled coil on powered decoiler mandrel
  • Set forming depth on pyramid rolls
  • Adjust forming rolls gap as per material thickness
  • Set feed speed, cutoff length on control panel
  • Start decoiler to feed metal strip through roll stands
  • Profile is gradually formed through each stand
  • End cutoff shears purlin to length
  • Formed purlins discharge onto exit tables
  • Monitor process, do test checks during operation
  • Oil hydraulic system regularly

2-3 workers needed to operate the line – decoiler, forming, cutoff end.

Maintenance of China CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Inspect roll bearingsMonthly
Check roll surface wearMonthly
Verify forming depthWeekly
Monitor cut qualityDaily
Test hydraulic systemQuarterly
Adjust roll gapAs needed
Lubricate slides, gearsQuarterly
Clean machine debrisWeekly
Check electrical wiringYearly

Schedule regular maintenance to minimize downtime. Replace worn parts like bearings, gears timely.

How to Choose a China CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine Supplier

अनुभवNumber of years supplying such machines
Production CapabilitiesSpeed, size range, automation features
Line ComponentsUse of quality European/domestic brands
Customization OfferedFor special profiles, standards, performance specs
Design SupportProfile drawings, roll design, tooling review
Factory AuditVisit supplier site to inspect manufacturing facility
Testing FacilitiesIn-house and third party testing for standards compliance
DocumentationCatalogs, operating manual, spare parts list, engineering drawings
Training ProvidedMachine operation and maintenance training
Warranty and SupportMinimum 1 year; also check post-sales service record
PricingGet quotes from multiple suppliers for comparison

Select reputed manufacturer who meets your specifications, quality standards, and pricing.

Comparison of China CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine Types

Machine TypeलाभLimitations
All ElectricHigh precision, speed, low maintenanceHigher cost, not for heavy gauge rolling
Semi Electric, Semi HydraulicVersatility for thick and thin gaugesComplexity of dual systems
Fully HydraulicHeavy duty, high force capacityLower speed, accuracy
Fixed SpeedLower cost, simple operationLacks speed adjustability
Variable SpeedFlexibility, better process controlAdditional cost for drives
Manual CutoffLower cost solutionSlow process, safety concerns
Automatic CutoffConsistent quality, faster, saferAdditional cost of automation

Select machine type based on budgets, production needs and operator skill level.

China cz purlin roll forming machine
China CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine 6

Pros and Cons of China CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machines

Cost effective solutionRequires skilled technicians for special profiles
High production speedsLarge floor space requirement
Flexible for variety of profilesSignificant initial investment
Low operational costsLong lead times – around 120 days
Easy to operate and maintainManual adjustments needed for specification changes
Consistent quality after setupLimited size range, up to 600 mm web
Long service life, up to 15 yearsSignificant maintenance for intensive use

China CZ purlin roll formers offer excellent value but require planned maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions About CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Q: What is the typical production speed for China CZ purlin roll forming machines?

A: Production speeds range from 10-16 meters per minute depending on number of passes, material thickness, and machine horsepower.

Q: What are the typical metal thicknesses that can be formed?

A: Machines can handle metal thickness from 0.3 mm to 3.0 mm. Thicker gauges may require bigger motors and reduction gearing.

Q: How long does it take to changeover to a new purlin profile?

A: Roll changeover takes around 4-6 hours for an experienced technician to change roll shafts and gap settings. Quick change tooling can reduce this timeframe.

Q: What automation features are typically available?

A: Features like motorized decoiler, servo feeding, automatic length control, PLC programming make the process automatic. Options like automated bundle stacking further improve productivity.

Q: What kind of documentation do suppliers provide?

A: Suppliers should provide catalogues, 2D/3D drawings, equipment manuals, electrical diagrams, and mill test reports for rolls and structures.

Q: Is operator training provided by the equipment supplier?

A: Reputable China manufacturers provide free training to customer staff on machine operations, maintenance and safety procedures.

Q: What is the typical warranty offered on new machines?

A: Most suppliers offer a minimum 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects. Wear parts like bearings, gears may be excluded or have shorter warranty periods.

Q: What are the key maintenance best practices?

A: Regular cleaning, lubrication, inspection of components. Checking alignment, hydraulics, electricals. Replacing wear items promptly. Following recommended procedures.

Q: What safety equipment should be used when operating the machine?

A: Operators should use cut resistant gloves, steel toe shoes, ear plugs and other PPE like glasses to minimize injury risk.


China CZ purlin roll forming machines provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for producing cold formed C and Z purlins up to 600 mm width. These automated lines enable mass production of light gauge purlins used extensively in metal buildings and roofing structures. With attention to quality components, preventive maintenance and safe working practices, China manufacturers offer purlin roll formers that deliver high productivity with low operating costs.

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