Automatic Galvanized Steel Stainless Steel Coil Embossing Machine

Automatic Galvanized Steel Stainless Steel Coil Embossing Machine suitable for aluminum, color steel, heat zinc plated sheet, copper sheet, cold rolling steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, and so on.

We can customized different flower pattern for our client, like water pattern, pearl, stone, wood grain, orange grain, checkered plate,oval, diamond, grain rice pattern, etc.

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The embossing machine suitable for aluminum, color steel, heat zinc plated sheet, copper sheet, cold rolling steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, and so on.

We can customize different flower pattern for our client, like water pattern, pearl, stone, wood grain, orange grain, checkered plate, oval, diamond, grain rice pattern, etc.

The main parameters of Automatic Galvanized Steel Stainless Steel Coil Embossing Machine

  1. Roller specification: Φ440-450×1000-1600mm;
  2. Roller Material: superior alloy steel (China Code 42CrMo) forged roller;
  3. Roller intermediate frequency quenching, hardness: HRC55-58;
  4. Roller Pattern: designed according to customer requirements;
  5. Way of embossing: the male and female rollers press each other up and down;
  6. The way of controlling the pattern depth: by worm gear reducer;
  7. Transmission: gear transmission;
  8. Motor: 15Kw frequency motor,reducer;
  9. Embossing speed: 0-6m/min, control by frequency converter;
  10. The machine installation safety cover;
  11. Suitable for plate: steel sheet 1.0-3.0×1500mm;

Working principle of embossing machine for metal sheet

An embossing machine for metal sheets is a mechanical device used to create raised or sunken designs on the surface of a metal sheet. The working principle of an embossing machine involves several key components and steps:

  1. Feed System: The metal sheet is fed into the embossing machine through a feed system, which consists of rollers or belts that move the sheet forward.
  2. Die and Counter Die: The embossing machine has a die and a counter die. The die is a specially designed tool with a raised pattern or design, while the counter die is a flat surface that supports the metal sheet during the embossing process.
  3. Pressure Application: The metal sheet is placed between the die and counter die. The embossing machine exerts a high amount of pressure onto the metal sheet, pressing it against the die. The pressure is typically applied hydraulically or mechanically.
  4. Heat (optional): In some cases, heat may be applied to the metal sheet to make it more malleable and easier to emboss. This is particularly common for materials like aluminum.
  5. Embossing Process: The pressure from the embossing machine causes the metal sheet to deform, conforming to the shape of the raised pattern on the die. The embossing process can create various textures, patterns, logos, or even specific characters on the metal sheet.
  6. Release and Removal: Once the embossing process is complete, the pressure is released, and the metal sheet is removed from the machine. The embossed design remains on the surface of the metal sheet.

Overall, the embossing machine utilizes pressure and sometimes heat to deform the metal sheet, creating raised or sunken designs. It is an effective method for adding decorative or functional elements to metal surfaces, and it is commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and metal fabrication.

does sheet metal embossing machine and sheet embossing machine are the same?

Yes, “sheet metal embossing machine” and “sheet embossing machine” refer to the same type of mechanical equipment. They are both used to create raised or sunken patterns or designs on sheet metal. These terms can be used interchangeably to describe the same machine, and they are similar in terms of their working principle and application.


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Why Sussman Different

The price of Sussman’s roll forming machines is a little higher than other suppliers’. Let me explain about our machines difference:

Sussman machine design: it is unit one, which means the control box and the hydraulic station are all put under the machine frame, when you get the machine, no need to assemble and connect the complicate cable of the machine, you only need to connect one main cable, then the machine is working. It saves more time and space.

Our display screen is touch screen, not text touch screen.

Sussman Machinery

Sussman Processing technology: Sussman rollers is through grinding, quenched, chroming,finish machining,polishing,coated with chrome 0.05mm, all rollers are shiny, stronger and avoid rust.etc to make stronger, the roll forming machine is more robust and easier to use.  The metal sheet produced by our machine is always flat and perfect profiles., because in the design and during the machining process, we always control the force for the metal sheet, it does not damage the sheet surface and comes out perfect profile. And we use the German application COPRA, to imitate the situation in 3D and ensure the perfect profile.

Sussman Machinery

Sussman roll forming system

Sussman roll forming system: We will make the hand wheels at the feeding device to adjust feeding width, and we also make the wheels with the numbers then you know how to adjust right and left sides, also we made the rulers on the bedding, you can adjust the profile height and width according to the rulers.

Screw with numbers is to adjust material thickness easily, also with protecting cap also add laminating film device and felt to make the board flatter and smoother without scratches.

The machine is equipped with a detection switch device, in case of emergency, emergency alarm, stop operation.

Sussman Machinery's safety cover

The whole equipment is in accordance with the requirements of CE standards, and the entire body and transmission parts are covered to protect the safety of workers.


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