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Before Sales

Technical Support: We Will Provide Detailed Technical Information Such As The Layouts, The Manuals, The Profile Drawings, The Quotations, The Operation Videos, The Machine Running Video, And Show You The Existing Machine Running In Our Factory.

Pick Up: We Will Drop You And We Have The Guide Map To Show You How To Visit Our Factory, And We Can Pick You Up From Rail Station, Airport, Hotels, And Other’s Factories Ect.

Hotel: We Will Book Hotels For You In Advance If You Need.

Travelling: During Your Visits, We Will Show You Around Wuxi, Such As Taihu Lake, Buddha Of LingShan

After-Sales Service Commitments

Sussman Hereby Solemnly Promises: We Implement The “Three Guarantees” Service Policy For Any Equipments Sold By Sussman, Provide From Of Charge Installation Guidelines, Commissioning And Maintenance Of The Equipments, Training Of The Buyer’s Relevant Operators, And Provide Technical Requirements For The Installation And Operation Of The Equipments, Technical Layout Dagrams And Other Related Inforamtion, Provide A Lifetime Supply Of Maintenance And Spare Parts.

The Detailed Measures Are As Follows

1. Guidelines For Installation And Commissioning Of Equipments: Based On The Actual Situation, To Assist And Guide The Buyer And Buyer’s Technical Personnel In The Overall Installation Location, The Installation Of Equipments, And Provide Buyer With Answers To Their Questions And Related Issues;

2. Provide Training For Operation And Maintenance Personnel: Based On The Buyer’s Request, Sussman Will Provide Free Of Charge Training Of The Operation And Maintenance Personnel;
A) The User (Buyer) Can Send Their Operation And Maintenance Personnel To Our Factory For Learning And Training;
B) When Sussman Is Doing The Installation And Test Running Of The Equipments For The Buyer, The Buyer Can Send Their Personnel To Participate.

3. If Failure Occurs In Any Of The Machines During The “Three Guarantees” Period (One Year), Then, Upon The Buyer’s Request, Sussman Will Eliminate The Failure;
Sussman Will Inform All Its Buyers About Any Upgrades And Significant Product Improvements. Sussman Will Provide Equipment Modifications Based On Their Costs. Sussman Will Provide Buyers With High-Quality After-Sales Services In A Careful And Responsible Attitude, Provide Very Strong Guarantee For The Buyer’s Normal Production.

Sussman are here To Assist You