China Rain Gutter Roll Forming Machine

A rain gutter is an important component of any building’s exterior that collects and diverts rainwater runoff from the roof. Choosing the right gutter system and installation method is crucial for effective water management. Roll forming machines are an efficient automated way to manufacture rain gutters on-site or in factories using roll forming technology.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of rain gutter roll formers from China – their working, types, main parts, specifications, suppliers, and more. We have structured the information in easy-to-compare tables and outlined the main factors to consider when deciding on a Chinese roll former for rain gutters.

Overview of China Rain Gutter Roll Forming Machines

Rain gutter roll forming machines are a popular metal forming technology originating from China. They can rapidly convert flat metal sheets into curved u-channel rain gutters through a series of consecutive forming stations.

Here’s a quick look at rain gutter roll formers from China:

China Rain Gutter Roll Former Guide

| | |-|-|
|Roll Former Type| Automatic C-channel and U-channel roll forming machine| |Key Applications| On-site rain gutter fabrication, gutter production lines| |Materials| Galvanized steel, zinc steel sheets| |Types| Portable, fixed| |Driven Type| Electric, hydraulic| |Speed| 10-15 m/min| |Voltage| 380V, 415V AC| |Power| 3 kw to 7.5 kw| |Standards| CE|

Advantages of China Rain Gutter Roll Forming Machines

Roll formers for rain gutters from China offer the following benefits:

  • Low cost – Affordable pricing with options under $4,000.
  • High speed operation – Typical 10-15m/min for high production.
  • Easy to operate – Simple fully automatic control.
  • Portability – Compact footprint, movable with wheels.
  • Customization – Chinese manufacturers can customize as per needs.
  • On-site fabrication – Enable on-site rain gutter installation.

How Rain Gutter Roll Forming Machines Work

Rain gutter roll forming machines work on the principle of continuous bending and folding of sheet metal through consecutive rollers to gradually shape the material into a u-channel rain gutter profile.

The key processes involved are:

  • Feeding – Coiled steel sheet loaded at back of the machine is unrolled and fed into the roll former line.
  • Forming – Sheet passes through many roller stations which progressively bend it into a u-channel.
  • Cutting – Formed u-channel is cut into required gutter lengths by built-in hydraulic shearing blade.
  • Output – U-channel rain gutter pieces of finished length exit the roll former continuously.
China rain gutter roll forming machine
China Rain Gutter Roll Forming Machine 4

Types of China Rain Gutter Roll Forming Machines

China manufacturers offer rain gutter roll formers in different types based on portability, power source and forming capability:

Types of China Rain Gutter Roll Formers

PortableCompact electric roll formers mounted on wheels for easy movement and installation at construction sites.
FixedLarger fixed position hydraulic or electric rain gutter roll forming lines for factory production.
ElectricRoll formers powered by 3 kw to 7.5 kw electric motors with 380V/415V AC supply.
HydraulicHydraulic power packs provide power for forming rollers and cutting in these machines.
C-ChannelEntry-level roll former producing simple C-profile rain gutters.
U-ChannelAdvanced roll former with additional forming stations for complex u-channel rain gutter profile.

Main Parts of a China Rain Gutter Roll Former

A typical rain gutter roll forming machine from China consists of the following key components:

Main Parts of a China Rain Gutter Roll Former

Forming RollersRoller stations along the line to gradually bend sheet into u-channel profile
Forming BeltsLink the forming rollers and move sheet through machine.
FeederLoads the coil sheet at the rear and feeds into rollers.
Shearing BladeHydraulic cutting blade cuts u-channel into required gutter lengths.
Controller PanelHouses motor, PLC and controls for automatic operation.
FrameMade of steel, integrates all parts of portable roll former.
Power PackHydraulic power pack provides power for cutting in some models.


China manufacturers can offer rain gutter roll formers in different specifications suitable for producing a range of gutter sizes and profiles. Common specifications are:

Specifications of China Rain Gutter Roll Formers

SpecificationTypical Values
Roller Material45# high carbon steel
Roller DiameterΦ140mm x Φ100mm x Φ80mm x Φ65mm x Φ55mm
Roller HardnessHRC50-55
Maximum Sheet Width1000 mm – 1250 mm
Minimum Sheet Thickness0.3 mm – 0.8 mm
U-channel Depth100 mm – 300 mm
U-channel Width100 mm – 400 mm
Cutting Length3 m – 6 m
Machine Length4000mm – 8000mm
Machine Height800mm – 1200mm
Machine Width800mm – 1000mm
Gutter Output Speed10-15 m/min
Voltage380V/415V AC
Power3 kw to 7.5 kw
CE CertifiedAvailable

Customized rain gutter roll formers can be manufactured as well with suitable roller dies and machine dimensions.

Applications and Uses

The major applications of China rain gutter roll forming machines include:

Applications of China Rain Gutter Roll Formers

On-site FabricationPortable electric roll formers used at construction sites for on-site rain gutter production and installation.
Gutter ManufacturingFixed rain gutter roll forming lines used in factories for mass production of rain gutters.
Roofing CompaniesSuitable for roofing contractors to fabricate required rain gutters during roof installations.
Steel Product ManufacturersCan be combined with other roll forming lines to produce entire range of related steel building products.

Due to the on-site fabrication advantage, portable China roll formers are ideal for roofing contractors and gutter installation companies.

How to Choose a Rain Gutter Roll Former Supplier in China

With many manufacturers in China offering rain gutter roll forming machines, buyers should evaluate suppliers on the following aspects:

How to Choose a China Rain Gutter Roll Former Supplier

Manufacturer ReputationChoose an established company with good industry reputation.
Roll Former TypeSelect portable or fixed model as per application needs.
Production OutputMatch speed and hourly output to your required rain gutter production rates.
Gutter Size RangeSupplier’s machine should support required gutter dimensions and sheet thickness.
CustomizationManufacturer should offer customization if needed.
After-sales ServiceLook for responsive after-sales support like spare parts supply.
PricingCompare pricing between suppliers for same specifications.
Production CapabilitiesEvaluate supplier’s production capacity and expertise.
CertificationsMachine should meet quality and safety standards like CE.

Selecting the right rain gutter roll former supplier in China requires careful consideration of these aspects to ensure the machine matches your specific production needs and provides good value.

China rain gutter roll forming machine
China Rain Gutter Roll Forming Machine 5

China Rain Gutter Roll Former Manufacturers and Suppliers

Many reputable equipment manufacturers in China supply quality rain gutter roll forming machines globally. Some recommended suppliers are:

China Rain Gutter Roll Former Manufacturers

Jupiter Rollforming MachineryZhejiang
Botou Yongli Roll Forming Machine FactoryHebei
Wuxi Chenhui Roll Forming Machine Co.Jiangsu
HangZhou Guoyi Machinery Manufacturing Co.Zhejiang
Botou Xianfa Roll Forming Machine FactoryHebei

China Rain Gutter Roll Former Prices

China Rain Gutter Roll Former Price Ranges

Machine TypePrice Range
Portable C-Channel Electric Roll Former$3000 – $5000
Fixed U-Channel Hydraulic Roll Former$4000 – $8000
Fixed U-Channel Electric Roll Former$5000 – $10,000
Customized Roll FormerAsk manufacturer for quote

The average EXW price range for China rain gutter roll formers is $3000 to $10,000 based on specifications. Buyers can get competitive quotes from various manufacturers suitable for their production scale and gutter requirements.

How to Install and Operate a China Rain Gutter Roll Former

Installing and operating a rain gutter roll former from China involves the following steps:


  • Unpack machine from shipping crate and position on level ground.
  • Anchor portable roll former base frame securely.
  • Ensure sufficient space around for safe operation.
  • Connect power cable to suitable 3-phase power outlet.
  • Install appropriate coil holder and feeder.
  • Check direction of motor rotation.
  • Test run the machine and calibrate if required.


  • Load coiled steel sheet at back and thread through feeder.
  • Set required gutter dimensions and cutting length on control panel.
  • Start automatic operation of roll former machine via controls.
  • Formed gutters will be output continuously from front of the machine.
  • Periodically lubricate rollers and guides.
  • Follow all safety precautions during operation.

Proper installation, setup, and operation as per the manufacturer’s guidelines are important for optimum performance and safety.

Maintenance Guidelines for China Rain Gutter Roll Formers

To keep the roll former running smoothly, operators should follow these maintenance best practices:

  • Regularly inspect and clean all parts.
  • Lubricate bearings, gears, chains periodically as specified.
  • Check for any loose or worn components and re-tighten/replace.
  • Monitor hydraulics and top up oil as needed.
  • Test emergency stop buttons and safety mechanisms.
  • Get electricals inspected and calibrated annually.
  • Follow manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and procedures.
  • Keep maintenance logs for all inspections and repairs.
  • Only use authorized spare parts for repairs.

Proper maintenance and preventive care is key to maximize the working life of a rain gutter roll former.

Pros and Cons of China Rain Gutter Roll Forming Machines

Pros of China Rain Gutter Roll Formers

  • Affordable acquisition cost
  • High production speeds possible
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Ideal for on-site gutter fabrication
  • Flexible production volumes
  • Efficient automated process

Cons of China Rain Gutter Roll Formers

  • Large gutter sizes may require customization
  • Limited thickness capacity for some models
  • Improper setup can lead to quality issues
  • Limited design profile options
  • Hydraulic oil leaks possible
  • Regular maintenance needed


Investing in a roll forming machine is an efficient way for roofing contractors or gutter manufacturers to automate production. China offers versatile and affordable rain gutter roll formers that can match small shop needs or large-scale production requirements. By selecting the right roll former specifications, production output, and a reputable supplier, buyers can benefit from low equipment costs, quick delivery, and good after-sales support. Considering the key decision factors outlined in this guide will help businesses choose the optimal rain gutter roll former from China for their needs.

China rain gutter roll forming machine
China Rain Gutter Roll Forming Machine 6


Q1. What materials can the rain gutter roll former process?

Most China roll formers for gutters can process galvanized steel and zinc steel coils ranging from 0.3mm to 0.8mm thickness. Some heavy duty models can also process stainless steel and aluminum sheets up to 1mm thick.

Q2. What is the typical production capacity?

A standard electric China rain gutter roll former with 3kw motor can produce around 15-25 meters of gutter per minute. For an 8 hour shift, it equates to 720-1200 meters or 800-1400 PCS of 3m gutter pieces a day.

Q3. Can these machines make custom gutters?

Many Chinese manufacturers can customize the roll forming lines to produce specialized gutter profiles, sizes, and lengths as per client requirements. The roller dies and machine would need to be tailored accordingly.

Q4. How to reduce defects in finished gutters?

Maintaining proper sheet alignment, calibrating rollers periodically, cleaning debris, and using good quality input sheets will minimize defects. Operator training is also key for quality control.

Q5. What are the transportation requirements?

Portable electric rain gutter roll formers from China can be simply packed in wooden crates for sea freight. Fixed hydraulic machines require careful disassembly and packing in containers for transportation.

Q6. Is installation support available?

Most China suppliers can provide an installation engineer for assembling the machine, testing, and trial production runs to ensure smooth commissioning at the buyer’s site. Some even offer free installation.

Q7. How much space do these roll formers require?

A small 1.5m x 1m portable electric roll former requires just a few square meters of floor space. Large fixed models need at least a 6m x 4m area. Proper safe clearance zones around the machine are also necessary.

Q8. What are the power requirements?

Light-duty electric rain gutter roll formers need just a standard 3-phase, 380V supply and 3-7.5 kw power depending on model. Hydraulic machines may require higher capacity electrical connections.

Q9. What maintenance is required?

Daily cleaning of debris, regular lubrication of moving parts, inspection of components for wear/damage, hydraulic oil changes, and annual servicing/calibration is advised by manufacturers.

Q10. What is the warranty period offered?

Most China rain gutter roll former manufacturers offer a minimum 1 year warranty on the machine covering defects. Some provide extended 2-3 year warranties on key parts like hydraulic system, gearbox, rollers etc.

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