Corrugated Steel Panel Roll Forming Machines

Corrugated steel panel roll forming machines are used to produce corrugated steel panels for various applications such as roofing, wall cladding, partitions, silos, sheds, and more. These machines form the corrugated shape and required profile on metal coil strips through a series of rollers. The ribbed corrugated shape provides excellent structural strength and rigidity to the steel panels.

Corrugated steel panels provide durability, customizability, cost-effectiveness, weather-resistance, fire resistance, acoustic insulation, and quick installation. They are utilized extensively in industrial, commercial, infrastructural, and residential building construction for wall cladding, roofing, interior partition, ceiling, flooring, and decking applications.

The main components of corrugated steel panel roll forming machines include an uncoiler or de-coiler, feeding mechanism, forming and cutting section with roller dies, hydraulic system, PLC control system, and the exit table. Modern corrugated panel forming lines are fully automated with high production speeds and superior precision.

This guide covers the types, working principles, components, specifications, cost factors, suppliers, applications, advantages and limitations of corrugated steel panel roll forming equipment. It aims to help machinery buyers and engineers select optimal roll former configurations and suppliers for their production needs and budget.

Types of Corrugated Steel Panel Roll Forming Machines

Machine Typeविवरण
Single Layer Roll FormersProduce panels with single layer corrugated profiles like sinusoidal, trapezoidal, rounded etc. Lower capacity and lower cost machines.
Double Layer Roll FormersProduce double-layer corrugated panels with higher strength. Two sheets are corrugated simultaneously with a flat sheet in between. Higher capacity.
Custom Profile Roll FormersHighly customizable machines to produce panels with special profiles like box-ribbed, dovetail corrugated, multi-rib, etc. as per requirement.
Mobile Roll Forming MachinesCompact portable roll forming machines which can be moved near construction sites. Lower speeds and capacities.
Aluminum Corrugated Panel MachinesDesigned specifically for soft and flexible aluminum coils. Include features like automatic oiling, edge rollers, etc.
Color Coated Steel Panel MachinesAdditional UV curing stations to coat color on prepainted steel coils before roll forming.
corrugated steel panel roll forming machine
Corrugated Steel Panel Roll Forming Machines 4

Working Principle of Corrugated Panel Roll Forming

Corrugated steel panel production through roll forming involves unwinding a flat metal sheet or coil strip, passing it through a series of roller dies to bend it into the ribbed corrugated shape, and cutting the panels to required length.

The working stages are:

  • Decoiling – The plain galvanized steel coil is loaded on an uncoiler which unwinds and feeds the strip through the infeed guides.
  • Feeding – The sheet is gripped by caterpillar feed rollers which pull the strip through the machine at a constant speed.
  • Pre-forming – The strip passes through a straightening machine and initial pre-forming rollers to start bend formation.
  • Forming – In the main roll forming section, the sheet passes through a series of roller dies which bend the strip incrementally to form the corrugated profile.
  • काट रहा है – After achieving the final corrugated shape, the formed strip moves to the cutoff press which shears the panels at desired lengths.
  • Counting – Panel counting sensors after the cutoff to count cut panels stacked on the exit table.
  • Stacking – Formed panels are collected on the exit conveyor table for manual or automated stacking.

Main Components of Corrugated Steel Panel Roll Forming Lines

Decoiler/UncoilerReleases the plain metal coil and feeds into the roll former
Feeding SystemGrips and feeds the strip at constant speed through the machine
Pre-forming RollersBegins the initial shaping of the flat strip
Forming StationsSeries of roller dies which bend the strip incrementally to form the ribbed profile
Hydraulic SystemProvides power for the presses and cutoff operation
PLC ControlAutomated computerized control of machine parameters and production
Cutoff PressShears the formed panels at set lengths
Exit Conveyor TableCollects the finished cut panels stacked inline

Specifications of Corrugated Steel Panel Roll Forming Machines

पैरामीटरTypical Range
रोलर सामग्रीAlloy steel, hard chromium plated
Roller Diameter100-250 mm
Roller TypeConvex-concave form rollers in pairs
Number of Stations16-24 Stations
बनाने की गति5-15 m/min
Sheet Thickness0.15 mm – 1.2 mm
Sheet Width1000 mm – 1250 mm
Cut Length500 mm – 10000 mm
उत्पादन क्षमता300 – 1000 panels per shift

Design Factors for Corrugated Panel Roll Formers

  • Profile shape – Sinusoidal, rounded, angular, box/dovetail type ribs
  • Number of corrugations per meter/inch
  • Rib height – Higher rib provides greater strength
  • Metal thickness – Thicker coils allow deeper profiles
  • Sheet width – Wider coils need higher forming power
  • Cut length – Longer panels may need support rollers
  • Type of steel – Galvanized, prepainted, stainless, aluminum
  • End product application – Roofing, walls, flooring, silos etc.

The machine has to be designed specifically based on these parameters to achieve the required corrugated profile dimensions accurately.

Installation and Operation of Corrugated Steel Panel Roll Forming Equipment

Site PreparationLevel concrete or steel foundation with space for unwinding coils and collecting panels
PositioningEnsure proper infeed-forming-cutoff-outfeed flow path orientation
Power SupplyConnect electric supply and control cables to control panel
Trial RunsTest with dummy coils, set speeds, profiles and tolerances
Coil LoadingUse overhead crane or forklift to load coils on decoiler
Parameter SettingInput control parameters like speed, length, counts etc via PLC
Corrugated Panel ProductionMonitor forming quality and stack finished panels
MaintenanceRegularly lubricate, inspect rollers, hydraulics, sensors etc

Proper machine installation, trial runs and maintenance helps achieve high uptime and maximum corrugated panel production.

Cost Factors for Corrugated Steel Panel Roll Forming Machines

Cost Factorविवरण
Capital CostHigher for machines with more forming stations, automated features
Roll Tooling CostMore complex profiles require more precision machined roll dies
Running CostIncludes labor, power, coil material, maintenance
Production Cost Per Square MeterVaries based on capital cost, operating cost and production speed

Capital cost for standard corrugated panel roll forming lines starts around USD 40,000 and goes up based on tonnage, automation features and optional accessories.

Optimizing the specifications as per production needs gives the most economical corrugated panel roll forming line.

Major Corrugated Steel Panel Roll Forming Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers

CompanyLocationMachine Types
Eagle Bending MachinesUSBox rib, trapezoidal profile machines
LLCRussiaHigh speed double layer corrugated machines
MetformTurkeyRobust heavy-duty corrugated roll formers
GaspariniइटलीAluminum corrugated panel roll forming lines
Bradbury GroupUKMobile and portable roll forming equipment
SamCO MachineryChinaEconomical standard corrugated machines

Reputed manufacturers offer customized corrugated panel roll forming solutions as per application requirements.

How to Select Suppliers for Corrugated Steel Panel Roll Forming Equipment?

Machine Speed and CapacityMatch production output needed
Roll Forming StationsMore stations for complex profiles
Sheet Size CompatibilityCoil width and thickness handling capacity
Automated vs ManualLevel of automation features as per budget
Roller Material and HardeningAbrasion-resistant and durable
Custom Profile FlexibilityCapability to produce special profiles
After Sales Service QualityMachine installation support, maintenance training, spare parts supply
Local Partner ProximityFor coordination and technical support
Pricing and Payment TermsCompetitive pricing and flexible payment options

Choosing reputed manufacturers with proven roll forming experience provides assurance of high machine performance, quality and durability.

corrugated steel panel roll forming machine
Corrugated Steel Panel Roll Forming Machines 5

Applications and Uses of Corrugated Steel Panels from Roll Forming Lines

आवेदनPanel Types Used
RoofingTrapezoidal, rounded corrugated sheets
Wall CladdingSinusoidal, dovetail ribbed sheets
Interior PartitionNarrow width single layer corrugated sheets
Siloes and HoppersAngular corrugated sheets for strength
FlooringDeeper corrugation sheets with understructures
Culvertspipe arches made of curved corrugated metal

Corrugated steel provides excellent protection from weather elements owing to its ribbed section strength. Panels are customized to suit usage – roofing needs wider ribs than walling.

Advantages of Using Corrugated Steel Panels

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Design flexibility for creative profiles
  • Corrosion resistance with coatings
  • Fire resistance rating for partitions
  • Acoustic insulation properties
  • Abrasion resistance and impact protection
  • Lower maintenance than other claddings
  • Long service life up to 50 years
  • 100% recyclable at end of life
corrugated steel panel roll forming machine
Corrugated Steel Panel Roll Forming Machines 6

Limitations of Corrugated Steel Panels

  • Comparatively lower aesthetics than other finishes
  • Prone to denting by impact loads
  • Acoustic properties could be improved
  • Needs understructures and interior finishes
  • Not suitable for high humidity environments
  • Difficulty in creating complex non-linear shapes

Proper design considering the advantages and limitations ensures the corrugated steel panels serve their purpose optimally.


Corrugated steel panel roll forming lines enable efficient mass production of weatherproof, durable, lightweight and sustainable metal panels for infrastructure and construction needs.

Carefully designed machines with optimal specifications, properly manufactured high-quality roll tooling, precise process control and regular maintenance provides years of trouble-free operation and low cost per panel production.

Reputed manufactures provide customized corrugated profile roll forming solutions to suit small scale plants to high volume industrial facilities by expert configuration of uncoilers, feeding, pre-forming, profile roll stands, cutting and stacking systems.

सामान्य प्रश्न

Q: What sheet metal thickness is suitable for corrugated panels?

A: 0.4 mm to 1 mm thick galvanized steel coils are commonly used. Up to 1.5mm sheets can be corrugated for extra strength. For aluminum, 0.7 mm to 1 mm sheets are ideal.

Q: What is the difference between box rib and trapezoidal corrugated profiles?

A: Box rib profiles have four flat sides for each rib giving higher bending strength. Trapezoidal profiles have inclined rib side walls which provide higher shear strength.

Q: How are prepainted color coated sheets formed into corrugated panels?

A: Additional UV paint curing stations are incorporated in the roll former above the final forming stands for the color coating.

Q: What are the maintenance best practices for corrugated panel machines?

A: Regular lubrication of rollers, inspection of sensors and hydraulics, monitoring belt tensions and machine alignment ensures optimal performance.

Q: How can production speed be increased in roll forming lines?

A: Use higher power AC vector drives, minimize roller friction, reduce number of passes, use high strength and thin sheets to increase corrugated panel production speed.

Q: How to reduce noise levels in corrugated roll forming machines?

A: Use noise damping materials on covers, reduce panel vibration, use resilent rubber rollers, minimize friction, and lubricate moving parts regularly.

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