En İyi Rulo Şekillendirme Makinesi: Seçim, Özellikler, Çalışma

Roll forming is a metal forming process used to produce long sheets or profiles with constant cross-sections. A rulo şekillendirme makinesi progressively forms sheet metal or strips through a series of roller dies. The process is versatile, efficient and economical for producing high volumes of standardized parts. This guide provides a detailed overview of roll forming machine types, key components, technical specifications, and best practices for selection, operation and maintenance.

Overview of Roll Forming Process and Machines

Roll forming machines are available in different configurations to produce various profiles and cross-sections. The roller dies bend the material incrementally as it passes through successive stands to gradually shape the profile. The key aspects are:

Rulo Şekillendirme Makinesi Çeşitleri

Makine TipiAçıklama
Tek Kişilik ProfilProduces single profile constantly
Multi-ProfileSwitchable heads for different profiles
TaşınabilirCompact for on-site or mobile operation
ÖzelTailored for special profiles

Components of Roll Forming Machine:

  • Roller dies – Formed into successive stands to gradually bend sheet
  • Forming stations – Houses roller dies for sequential bending
  • Decoiler – Feeds raw coil material into machine
  • Feed mechanism – Controls material feed speed and tension
  • Rollers – Provide support and configure material flow
  • Cutoff device – Cuts finished profiles to length

Roll Forming Machine Specifications

The technical specifications of roll forming equipment determine their capability and production capacity. The key parameters to consider are:

Roll Forming Machine Design Specifications:

Rolling LengthLength of rollers and maximum profile length
Rolling WidthWidth between rollers and maximum material width
Rolling ThicknessThickness range of raw material supported
Şekillendirme İstasyonlarıNumber of stands for progressive bending
Makara BoyutuDiameter and width of rollers
Makara MalzemesiSteel, alloy steel etc.
Makaralı TipHorizontal, vertical, inclined, pyramid etc.
Sürücü TipiElectric, hydraulic, servo, combination
Hız AralığıMinimum and maximum rolling speed
Yem SistemiUncoiler, feed rolls, pinch rolls etc.
Cutting ModeShearing, sawing, laser cutting etc.
AletlerQuick changeover, modular, custom etc.
OtomasyonPLC controls, motion controls, sensors etc.

Performance Specifications:

ParametreTipik Değerler
Yuvarlanma Hızı10 - 100 m/dak
Üretim Oranı120 m/dak'ya kadar
Doğruluk±0.5 mm over 3 m length
TekrarlanabilirlikExcellent due to progressive dies
Yüzey İşlemiSmooth, marks possible at cut

Operational Requirements:

Güç20-100 kW connected load
Air Pressure5-8 bar for pneumatics
Staff1-2 semi-skilled operators
UzayLength > 15m. Width > 4m, Height > 3m

The specifications vary widely depending on the profile, materials and production volumes. Custom machines can be built to suit specific requirements.

en iyi rulo şekillendirme makinesi
Best Roll Forming Machine: Selection, Specifications, Operation 4

Roll Forming Machine Design and Working

The design aspects and working principle of roll forming machines are:

Machine Structure

  • Heavy base frame for stiffness
  • Overhead support stand for forming stations
  • Inline configuration for material flow
  • Lateral or vertical split housing for accessibility

Merdane Kalıpları

  • Made of machined alloy steel
  • Mounted on shafts in forming stands
  • Arranged horizontally, vertically or at angle
  • Ground and hardened to close tolerances
  • Quick changeover design for flexible production

Şekillendirme İstasyonları

  • House combination of top and bottom rollers
  • Roller shafts mounted on bearings
  • Adjustable roller mounts and spacers
  • Guide rails for precise die positioning

Yem Sistemi

  • Decoiler or sheet feeder at start
  • Servo motors and drives for speed control
  • Pinch rolls for positive grip without slippage
  • Dancer arm for maintaining web tension
  • Anti-wicking rolls to prevent deformation


  • Electric servomotors and drives
  • Hydraulic drives for high torque
  • Precision speed and tension control
  • Independent drives for roller shafts
  • Synchronized using master encoder

Kontrol Sistemi

  • PLC or industrial PC control
  • HMI touchscreen for interface
  • Roll gap and speed settings
  • Servo drive synchronization
  • Safety interlocks and auto stop

Çalışma Prensibi

  • Sheet or coil fed into roller dies
  • Progressive bending occurs in steps
  • Bottom rollers provide counterforce
  • Material exiting with finished profile
  • Cut to length by saws or shears

Through the coordinated motion of the precisely machined roller dies, the strip material is gradually shaped into the desired cross-section by the roll forming process.

Roll Forming Operation

1Coil stock fed into feed rolls
2Material progressively shaped by roller dies
3Bottom rollers provide counterforce
4Profiling achieved incrementally
5Formed section flows through machine
6Cutoff device cuts finished profile

Uygulamalar ve Hizmet Verilen Sektörler

Roll formed sections find widespread usage across industries due to their continuous production, lightweight properties, high strength and corrosion resistance.

Application Areas of Roll Formed Products:

Structural profilesRoofing sheets, wall panels, liner trays, studs, joists, beams
Storage productsRacking, shelving, lockers, wardrobes
Furniture partsFrames, enclosures, shelving, legs
Automotive partsTrim, sealing, bumpers, roof rails, tubes
AletlerPanels, enclosures, wrappers, frames
HVAC kanallarıRectangular and spiral ducts
Tarımsal binalarCladding, roofing, structural frames

Industry-wise Applications

EndüstriApplication Products
Bina ve İnşaatCladding, decking, purlins, roofing, doors, railing
Otomotiv ve TaşımacılıkBody panels, roof rails, seat frames, bumpers
Elektrik ve ElektronikEnclosure panels, chassis, distribution boxes
Consumer AppliancesWashing machine drums, refrigerator liners, exterior panels
Ventilation and Air ConditioningSpiral ducts and fittings, smoke exhausts
AltyapıGuard rails, lighting poles, sign boards, solar frames
MobilyaCabinet doors, table legs, shelving, storage racks

Roll formed sections enable lightweight, high strength structures across industrial and commercial applications.

Benefits and Advantages of Roll Forming Process

Roll forming offers significant benefits compared to other forming methods:

Rulo Şekillendirmenin Faydaları

Sermaye MaliyetiLower than stamping or press brakes
Operating CostLow power consumption, minimal wastage
Üretim OranıUp to 10x faster than manual methods
İşgücüRequires semi-skilled operators
DeğişimlerRoller dies enable fast profile switches
EsneklikEasy to change dimensions and materials
DoğrulukTutarlı ve tekrarlanabilir profiller
Yüzey İşlemiSmooth, bright finish possible
GüçCold forming work hardens the metal
HafifThin and lighter structures possible
Simple OperationsUser friendly controls and automation
GüvenlikWell guarded moving parts

Key factors driving adoption of roll forming include high productivity, flexibility, superior quality, and cost efficiency.

en iyi rulo şekillendirme makinesi
Best Roll Forming Machine: Selection, Specifications, Operation 5

Rulo Şekillendirme Makinesi Çeşitleri

Roll forming machines are available in different configurations designed for specific production needs:

Rulo Şekillendirme Makinesi Çeşitleri

Longitudinal LineFor high volume panel production
Portable RollformerLightweight and mobile operation
Multi-Profile MachineQuick profile changeover
Double Head RollformerDaha yüksek üretim oranları
Pyramid TypeBi-directional forming capability
Custom RollformerEngineered for special profiles

Longitudinal Line

  • Inline production line
  • Decoiler, accumulator, forming mills, cutoff
  • Lengths over 25 m
  • Parts warehouse integration
  • For high volume sheet production

Portable Rollformer

  • Compact and movable
  • Trailer or truck mounted
  • For on-site production
  • Flexible positioning
  • Lower capacity

Multi-Profile Machine

  • Computer controlled stations
  • Quick die changeover
  • Multiple pre-loaded profiles
  • For lower volume flexibility

Double Head Rollformer

  • Two side-by-side forming lines
  • Independent speed control
  • Higher production rate
  • Redundancy for uptime

Pyramid Type

  • Bi-directional roller configuration
  • Better support during forming
  • Prevents part twisting
  • For symmetrical sections

Custom Rollformer

  • Engineered for unique profile
  • Special roller design
  • Dedicated production
  • For proprietary sections

The choice depends on the required throughput, profile complexity, changeover needs and production volumes.

How to Choose a Roll Forming Machine

The key factors to consider when selecting a roll forming machine are:

Roll Forming Machine Selection Criteria

ParametreDikkate Alınması Gerekenler
Profil şekliDimensional specs, radii, angles
MalzemeSteel, aluminum grades and thickness
Üretim oranıHourly or annual volume required
UzunlukMaximum part length needed
GenişlikAvailable working width and space
AletlerStandard or custom roll dies
KontrollerEase of programming and settings
Otomasyon seviyesiMaterial handling and speed control
Line layoutInline or transverse arrangement
PerformansSpeed, precision, surface finish
GüvenlikGuarding, emergency stops

Critical Factors

  • Profile drawings with complete specifications
  • Annual or daily production volume
  • Operating shifts per day
  • Raw material type and thickness
  • Accuracy and finish requirements
  • Available space for machine
  • Operatör beceri seviyesi
  • Expandability for future

Consulting with roll forming experts is highly recommended when specifying machines for the first time or for large production scale. Getting the requirements right is key to maximizing productivity and total cost of ownership.

Rulo Şekillendirme Makinesi Üreticileri

Some of leading global manufacturers of roll forming equipment are:

Başlıca Rulo Şekillendirme Makinesi Üreticileri

Bradbury GrupABD
Gasparini SpAİtalya
Hangzhou Roll Forming MachineryÇin
Howick Ltd.Yeni Zelanda
Robor CorpABD
Rollvis SASwitzerland
Form Süreç MühendisliğiHindistan

Capacities and Models

  • Production up to 180 m/min
  • Width up to 2.5 m
  • Quick die change modular stands
  • Single, dual and multi-profile machines
  • Standard and custom roll former designs

When sourcing roll forming machines, consider manufacturers offering:

  • Wide model range and customization
  • Local sales and service support
  • En son teknoloji ve özellikler
  • Training and maintenance programs
  • Overall life cycle value and TCO

Choosing an established manufacturer can ensure access to service, parts, upgrades and process support throughout the machine lifecycle.

Rulo Şekillendirme Makinesi Fiyatlandırması

Roll forming machine prices vary based on:

Maliyeti Etkileyen Faktörler

  • Type and size
  • Üretim hızı
  • Otomasyon özellikleri
  • Controls and drives
  • Malzeme kalınlığı kapasitesi
  • Kalıp tasarımı
  • Manufacturer’s brand and location

Typical Cost Ranges

Makine TipiFiyat Aralığı
Entry level portable$40,000 to $100,000
Single profile machines$100,000 ila $500,000
Multi-profile machines$250,000 to $1 Million
High speed longitudinal lines> $1 Million
Özel rulo şekillendiricilerApplication dependent

Additional Cost Items

  • Design engineering charges
  • Tooling cost for profile
  • Shipping and customs
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training for operators
  • Yedek parça envanteri

Large production lines with warehouse integration, automation and custom features can cost over $2 million. Getting quotes from different vendors is advised.

en iyi rulo şekillendirme makinesi
Best Roll Forming Machine: Selection, Specifications, Operation 6

How to Operate and Maintain Roll Forming Machines

Proper operation and preventive maintenance are essential for productivity and longevity of roll forming machines:

Rulo Şekillendirme Makinesi Çalışması

PlanningSchedule production, ensure material availability
TeftişCheck rollers, safety devices, lubrication
ProgramlamaInput correct profile, speed, length
Set upPosition guides, inserts, cutoff
Jog modeInch to test run slower speed
KoşmakMonitor forming, speed, sensors
KaliteVerify first piece dimensional accuracy
GüvenlikEnsure guards in place, no unsafe conditions
  • Wear gloves and eye protection when handling sheet metal
  • Adjust machine parameters gradually and systematically
  • Clean oil spills immediately to prevent slips
  • Report any abnormal noise, vibration or behavior

Maintenance Checks

SistemBakım GörevleriFrekans
SilindirlerInspect surface damageHaftalık
RulmanlarLubricate roller shaft bearingsAylık
SürücülerCheck belt tension and alignmentAylık
GuardsEnsure in place and functionalGünlük
HidrolikCheck oil level and leaksAylık
ElectricalInspect connections, coversÜç Aylık
YapıCheck loose fastenersAylık
GüvenlikTest emergency stops and sensorsÜç Aylık

Proactive maintenance as per manufacturer’s recommendations is vital for maximum uptime and extending machine life. Keep records of all inspections, repairs and parts replacements.

Rulo Şekillendirme Güvenlik İpuçları

Roll forming operations involve moving machinery and sheet metal handling which require safety measures:

  • Restrict access for only trained personnel
  • Ensure proper machine guarding is in place
  • Never reach into unsafe areas during operation
  • Bakımdan önce kilitleme prosedürlerini izleyin
  • Wear cut resistant gloves when handling sheet metal
  • Keep work area clean and uncluttered
  • Never stand in line with material flow path
  • Maintain adequate lighting in the production area
  • Know emergency stop button locations
  • Report any unsafe electrical, mechanical or hydraulic conditions
  • Never modify or override safety mechanisms
  • Formalize safety procedures and training

Making safety a priority protects personnel and equipment during roll forming operations.

Roll Forming Machine Troubleshooting

Some common issues faced in roll forming machines and remedies are:

Roll Forming Problems and Solutions

SorunOlası NedenlerDüzeltici Faaliyetler
Inaccurate profileWorn rollers, loose shaftsRealign/replace rollers, tighten shafts
Scratched finishDebris, damaged rollersClean rollers, replace damaged ones
Aşırı titreşimImbalance, loose partsTighten loose parts, rebalance rollers
Hidrolik sızıntılarWorn seals, damaged hosesReplace seals, damaged hoses
Speed variationSlipping belts, sensor issueAdjust belt tension, check sensor
Uneven material feedWorn/slippery feed rollsReplace feed rolls, increase tension
Yaprak sıkışmasıMisaligned guides, worn rollersRealign guides, replace worn rollers

Consult the machine manual and manufacturer if faults cannot be resolved. Stop operation immediately in case of any safety issues.

Roll Forming Machine FAQs

S: Hangi malzemeler rulo şeklinde şekillendirilebilir?

A: Most ductile metals like steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass. Thickness under 3 mm is common.

Q: What profile shapes are possible?

A: C, U, Z, hat, tube, angle, channel, rails, bars etc. Complex beads and louvers also possible.

Q: How to calculate production rate?

A: Production rate in ft/min = Machine speed (ft/min) x Number of heads

Q: What tolerances are achievable?

A: +/- 0.5 mm over 3 m length is typical. Tighter tolerances possible with precision rollers.

S: Kaç operatöre ihtiyaç var?

A: 1-2 operators for typical operation. Automated lines may need none.

Q: Is surface coating possible after roll forming?

A: Yes, powder coating and other finishes can be applied after roll forming.

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