Silo corrugated plate roll forming machine factory


Silo corrugated plate roll forming machine factory

  1. Materials: 1.5-2.0mm galvanized coils
  2. Forming steps: about 20 stations
  3. Material of rollers: Gcr15 steel precision-machined, high frequency quenching HRC58-62,
  4. Material of main shaft : 45# high quality steel (diameter>¢50)
  5. Cutting: hydraulic cutting; quenching HRC58-62
  6. Electronic control: PLC control Brand

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Profile Drawing of Silo corrugated plate roll forming machine factoryplate roll forming machine

profile1 1 Holes Sample

Machine list of Silo corrugated plate roll forming machine factory

Number Machine list Number
1 5 tons hydraulic de-coiler 1 set
2 Feeding &leveling device 1 set
3 Hydraulic punching device 1 set
4 Main forming machine 1 set
5 Hydraulic Cutting device 1 set
6 Curving device 1 set
7 PLC control system 1 set
8 Hydraulic station 1 set
9 Gear box drive system 1 set

The technique data of Silo corrugated plate roll forming machine factory

  1. Materials: 1.5-2.0mm galvanized coils
  2. Forming steps: about 20 stations
  3. Material of rollers: Gcr15 steel precision-machined, high frequency quenching HRC58-62,
  4. Material of main shaft : 45# high quality steel (diameter>¢50)
  5. Cutting: hydraulic cutting; quenching HRC58-62
  6. Electronic control: PLC control Brand
  7. Dimension of machine: 11500mmX1350mmX1500mm
  8. Working speed: about 2-10m/min;
  9. Drive system: gear box drive
  10. Main motor power: 22kw
  11. Curving machine: Curving continuously to make the sheets straight, the min Radius 1.8m, the Radius can be adjustable.
  12. Cutting: Hydraulic cutting
  13. Hydraulic station power 22kw
  14. Voltage: 220V, 60HZ, 3 phases

Working flow of Silo corrugated plate roll forming machine factory

De-coiler—feeding with guide→Straightening device→Punching device→roll forming machine→Curving device→Run out table


Spare parts Pictures for reference

1. 5 tons hydraulic decoiler

  • Coil inner Diameter: ¢460-520mm
  • Max out diameter of the coil: ¢1500mm
  • Max Coil Width: 1250mm

grain silo corrugated plate roll forming machine

2. Feeding & Leveler device

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3. Hydraulic cutting & curving device



4. Control box

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what is corrugated roof roll forming machine?

A corrugated roof roll forming machine is a type of industrial equipment used to manufacture corrugated metal roofing sheets. Corrugated metal sheets are widely used in the construction industry for roofing applications due to their durability, strength, and weather resistance.

The roll forming machine is designed to produce continuous lengths of corrugated metal sheets by passing metal coils through a series of rollers. These rollers are specially shaped to gradually shape the metal into the desired corrugated profile. The machine typically consists of a decoiler, which holds the metal coil, followed by a series of rollers, cutting devices, and a final stacker.

The process begins with the decoiler unwinding the metal coil, which is then fed into the roll forming machine. The metal passes through a sequence of rollers, each one bending the metal incrementally to create the corrugated shape. The rollers have strategically placed contours and profiles that gradually shape the metal, forming ridges and valleys to achieve the characteristic corrugated pattern.

Depending on the design and specifications of the machine, various other processes may be incorporated into the production line. These can include embossing patterns onto the metal surface, applying protective coatings or finishes, and cutting the sheets to the desired length. The final product is a continuous length of corrugated metal roofing sheet that can be further cut into individual panels as needed.

Corrugated roof roll forming machines are typically used in large-scale manufacturing facilities and are capable of producing high volumes of roofing sheets efficiently. They provide a cost-effective and automated solution for producing corrugated metal roofing products, contributing to the construction industry’s demand for durable and reliable roofing materials.

how about corrugated roll forming machine price?

The price of a corrugated roll forming machine can vary depending on several factors, including its specifications, features, complexity, and the manufacturer or supplier. Additionally, market conditions and geographic location can also influence the price.

On average, a basic corrugated roll forming machine can range from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. However, more advanced and high-capacity machines with additional features and customization options can cost significantly more.

It’s important to note that the price of the machine is just one component of the overall investment. Other factors to consider include shipping or transportation costs, installation expenses, training, maintenance, and potential additional tooling or accessories required.

To get an accurate and up-to-date price for a corrugated roll forming machine, it’s best to contact specific manufacturers, suppliers, or distributors. They can provide you with detailed pricing information based on your specific requirements and provide any additional support or services you may need.

top 5 silo roll forming machine factory

  1. Sussman Machinery(Wuxi)Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing shape steel cold roll forming machines about 20 years, exporting slitting line and whole group international trade business.
  2. Bradbury Group: Bradbury Group is a renowned manufacturer of roll forming equipment, including silo roll forming machines. They have a strong presence in the industry and offer a range of solutions for various applications.
  3. Formtek Group: Formtek Group is a leading global supplier of integrated roll forming systems and related machinery. They have a diverse portfolio of roll forming machines, including those for silo production.
  4. Yoder Manufacturing: Yoder Manufacturing is a well-established manufacturer of roll forming machinery. They offer a wide range of roll forming equipment, including machines suitable for silo production.
  5. Samco Machinery: Samco Machinery is known for its innovative roll forming solutions and has a reputation for producing high-quality machinery. They offer customized roll forming machines for various applications, including silo manufacturing.


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Why Sussman Different

The price of Sussman’s roll forming machines is a little higher than other suppliers’. Let me explain about our machines difference:

Sussman machine design: it is unit one, which means the control box and the hydraulic station are all put under the machine frame, when you get the machine, no need to assemble and connect the complicate cable of the machine, you only need to connect one main cable, then the machine is working. It saves more time and space.

Our display screen is touch screen, not text touch screen.

Sussman Machinery

Sussman Processing technology: Sussman rollers is through grinding, quenched, chroming,finish machining,polishing,coated with chrome 0.05mm, all rollers are shiny, stronger and avoid rust.etc to make stronger, the roll forming machine is more robust and easier to use.  The metal sheet produced by our machine is always flat and perfect profiles., because in the design and during the machining process, we always control the force for the metal sheet, it does not damage the sheet surface and comes out perfect profile. And we use the German application COPRA, to imitate the situation in 3D and ensure the perfect profile.

Sussman Machinery

Sussman roll forming system

Sussman roll forming system: We will make the hand wheels at the feeding device to adjust feeding width, and we also make the wheels with the numbers then you know how to adjust right and left sides, also we made the rulers on the bedding, you can adjust the profile height and width according to the rulers.

Screw with numbers is to adjust material thickness easily, also with protecting cap also add laminating film device and felt to make the board flatter and smoother without scratches.

The machine is equipped with a detection switch device, in case of emergency, emergency alarm, stop operation.

Sussman Machinery's safety cover

The whole equipment is in accordance with the requirements of CE standards, and the entire body and transmission parts are covered to protect the safety of workers.


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